our Consumer Electronics project is an attempt to place art objects in consumer space. The objects are designed to exert a subversive influence on mass medium by a transformation of how content is displayed. By packaging the idea of these objects we hope to foster their adoption into mainstream culture.

FUNTV is a device that processes television signal. Using the ambient audio in a room as its cue it will rhythmically change channels of a television and modulate it's picture, abstracting it to beyond the point of recognition.

Funtv was made in collaboration with Jim Ruxton and with the help of pd and effectv. Funtv was made possible with funds granted by the Canada Council for the Arts (and viewers like you).

SUBTEXT is a device that translates the words in televisions close captioning signal to offer a new spin in what is being said at any time. When you mute your TV, the dialogue appears as subtitles at the bottom of the screen. You've seen it in bars when the sound's off. Mute your TV at home to get a clearer message of what's being said. Multiple presets interpret, translate and re-render keywords as they're being spoken, depending on the channel, program or time of day.

HEAD-I+I (pronounce it Head-ee)
Dub along with I…

The HEAD I+I is a wearable personal mobile music device. With its binaural microphones, it hears the ambient sound around you and depending on the preset, completely transforms it live, as you listen. Make your own ‘mix' by filtering friends, teachers, the bus trip home. In a club ‘version' the DJ, yourself. Echo, flange, reverb, delay, distortion – all the tricks used by musicians for over 50 years to make it fresh.